How to play RealMedia

You need the realplayer installed on your PC to play the media files on this site. The newest player can be downloaded for free on the site. Be sure to download the free version.

Download now

The videos are available in 2 qualities. 34Kbits/s for 56K modems (unfortunately a rather low quality) and 80Kbits/s for Dual ISDN and higher. The 80K version contains better pictures and sound.

The music is partly available as downloadable .ra files and partly as streaming audio in 2 qualities. The 32 K quality is better than the 20K and should work with a 56K modem.

If you have problems with all files, with the latest version of the real player installed, try to find an answer in the FAQs on They have a very helpful tech support, too.

All files have been tested, but if you have problems with a single file, please contact me. For more information about RealAudio and how to configure your browser go to

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